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Ladies and gentlemen, We are pleased to announce that the new round of University Continuing Education in CBT at the University of Geneva will begin in September 2023. Registration is now open with a deadline of the end of February 2023.

Promotion of projects by the ISFM - supporting postgraduate training

Message to the Heads of Swiss Postgraduate Training Institutions
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Swiss Institute for Medical Education (SIMPH) is once again organising a competition to promote postgraduate education. In view of the positive feedback received and the high quality of the projects submitted, the Swiss Institute for Medical Education has decided to hold the competition again this year.
By providing financial support to selected projects, the Institute aims to support ideas that improve the quality of training and reduce the workload of trainers. The content of the projects and the method used are free. However, projects with a content on competence-based education (CBME), EPAs, the introduction of CBME in postgraduate training institutions, learning culture and faculty development are of particular interest to the ISFM. Projects on the theme of global health are also preferably supported.
Do you or your colleagues involved in postgraduate education have a concrete idea or concept that you would like to implement? Then send your project in electronic form by 15 March 2023 to info@siwf.ch with the mention “Project promotion of the ISFM”.
You can find more information on our website
We look forward to receiving your projects and wish you all the best.
Dr. Raphael Stolz
Vice President of the Swiss Institute for Medical Education (ISFM) 
Sarah El Hamouri
Assistant to the Secretariat / Continuing Education (ISFM)
Swiss Institute for Medical Education
Postfach, 3000 Bern 16
Telefon +41 31 503 06 00
info@siwf.ch | www.siwf.chwww.siwf.ch

We train

Our training courses are intended for doctors, nursing staff, teachers, social workers and managers of public or private administrations and people working in humanitarian associations and NGOs. We train them in psychiatric, psychotherapy, mediation and conflict management. These are innovative modular training courses, à la carte, practical, adapted to needs. They are practical and suitable because they consist of training professionals for the targeted, effective assessment, diagnosis and management of common medical conditions and global mental health disorders. They are innovative and à la carte because we have modern and avant-garde technologies to aid in diagnosis and non-invasive treatment. We want to avoid therapeutic wandering, which does a lot of damage among victims and people suffering from mental health disorders.

To benefit from our training, please contact the CPM contact at the email address:
ipmcpm3@gmail.com and phones +237.658.052.913 or +237.678.704.622.